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The definition of a handgun is “a firearm designed to be held and operated by one hand.” Smaller and lighter than long guns, handguns are easy to conceal and for this reason are often used for self defense. Because they don’t rely on the users strength, and hand gun is a good choice for those with less upper body strength.

Another benefit is that handguns usually only require the use of one hand leaving the other free for other things. Handguns are much more maneuverable than long guns. They are most effective at distances less than 50 yards and not as accurate over longer distances. Many hobbies enjoy using handguns for target shooting.

Buying Your Handgun

Before purchasing a car you want to test drive it, to see how it handles. The same is true when buying a firearm. You and only you can judge how comfortable you are handling and shooting a particular handgun model.

Due to local restrictions, we do not have our own indoor range, but we encourage you find a local indoor range that rents handguns, and test various models. Keep in mind that though most ranges provide firearm rentals, not all firearms available will be in stock.

Once you’ve found a model you want to purchase, then contact us through our website or by phone at 650-444-3042 to set up an appointment. We will get you the best price available and guide you through the rest of the purchase process.

When buying your first handgun, you must present your Handgun Safety Certification (HSC), valid California Drivers License and registration at time of purchase. Equity Arms Inc offers individual and group HSC classes monthly.

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